Elaine Holt gives Sunday Times interview

Discussion in 'UK Railway Discussion' started by YorkshireRider, 3 Nov 2011.

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  2. Bungle73

    Bungle73 On Moderation

    19 Aug 2011
    Bad link. Anyway it's no use linking to a Sunday Times article because it's behind a pay wall. You could always copy and paste I guess.
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  3. YorkshireRider

    YorkshireRider Member

    21 Oct 2010
    Yeah sorry, forgot it was subscription site but anyone wanting to read it just google 'sunday times elaine holt', the article is titled let the private sector take more of the strain and it does allow you to read it.
  4. OxtedL

    OxtedL Established Member Quizmaster

    23 Mar 2011
    It's an interesting read. A few suspect looking claims, although that may be in the writing.

    Doesn't really say anything ground-breaking though.

    Condensed version:
    Two previous holders of ECML franchise were unable to maintain payments.
    Lack of investment has damaged the service provided on the East Coast route.
    e.g. "The doors were one of our biggest problems." Door specialists were no longer extant.
    There was a timetable change and lots of people used the train.
    A sum of money was passed to the DfT by EC.
    The DfT has postponed giving out the EC franchise.
    The EC route is vulnerable to being used by leisure travellers. (Bad in downturn).
    Franchises should be given flexibility and not micro-managed.
    Longer franchises = good.
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