[EMU SLAM DOOR] Southern Diagrams 30/7

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8 Jun 2005
1866 (BI520)

5D07 06+30 Lovers Walk to Brighton
2D07 06:54 Brighton to Hastings
2D64 08:40 Hastings to Brighton
2D21 09:54 Brighton to Hastings
2D70 11:40 Hastings to Brighton
2D27 12:54 Brighton to Hastings
2D76 14:40 Hastings to Brighton
2D35 15:54 Brighton to Hastings
2D82 17:41 Hastings to Brighton
2D45 18:54 Brighton to Hastings
2D40 20:47 Hastings to Brighton
2F99 22:34 Brighton to Seaford
2F98 23:20 Seaford to Brighton

3486 (BI701)

5N17 07+57 Lovers Walk to Brighton (via Preston Park/Hove)
2N17 08:30 Brighton to Portsmouth Hbr
2N18 10:10 Portsmouth Hbr to Brighton
2E35 12:00 Brighton to Littlehampton
2E74 13:15 Littlehampton to Brighton
2E49 14:20 Brighton to West Worthing
2E60 15:05 West Worthing to Brighton
2E57 15:40 Brighton to West Worthing
2E38 16:22 West Worthing to Brighton
2E67 17:00 Brighton to Littlehampton
2E90 18:15 Littlehampton to Brighton
2E87 19:44 Brighton to Hove
2E94 19:55 Hove to Brighton
2E89 20:14 Brighton to Hove
2E96 20:24 Hove to Brighton
2E11 20:45 Brighton to Hove
2E98 20:55 Hove to Brighton
5E98 21+05 Brighton to Lovers Walk (via Hove/Preston Park)

3530/3514 (Pulled out of berth at EBN for Student Special)

1D15 08:18 Eastbourne to Brighton
5D15 09+10 Brighton to Preston Park Sidings
5D36 16+40 Preston Park Sidings to Brighton
1D36 17:01 Brighton to Eastbourne
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