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    15 Jan 2019
    Hi, I sometimes end up travelling on a single from Worcester to Kidderminster - the evening cheap tickets start AFAIK on trains departing after 18:00. Typically, the train leaves Worcester at 17:55. I have been told by a guard on the train before that he will sell me the single once we get to Droitwich as it will be cheaper (hmmm not sure if this is correct practice but thanks!). Looking on national rail, the evening ticket has the following against it:

    Evening Day Return

    Anytime : fully flexible tickets with no time restrictions on when you can travel. Perfect for people who need flexibility

    ROUTE OF TICKET ANY PERMITTED - Travel is allowed via any permitted route.

    Would the "No time restrictions" here overrule anything elsewhere saying they are for After 18:00 only? Seems a bit misleading to say no time restrictions if they are supposed to exist. I know it says Evening Day Return, however is there anything official to say when the evening starts? This time of year evening feels like starting at 4pm...

    Update.. just found this:

    Evening Day Return tickets are valid for travel on the date shown on the ticket and from 18:00 until 0429 on the following day, by which time all travel must be completed.

    18:00 - 23:59

    Which is it? 23:59 or 04:29? Make your mind up....
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