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Fareham - old footbridge

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7 Apr 2010
Anyone who has used Fareham in the last couple of months will have noticed the older footbridge at the south end of the station is currently out of use, allegedly 'for safety reasons'.

All passengers heading for P1, (the up platform) now have to use the access for all footbridge and lifts which is far more towards the London (Eastleigh) end of the station; for those who don't know the main entrance is at the very south end of the down platform.

However, the plot thickens. Following links on SWT's site about station improvements, I found myself on Hampshire County Council's website, where they describe upcoming improvements to the station, which include removal of the old footbridge so that new toilets can be built on P3.

Pages 7&8 of this describes the station changes, the remainder of the document is about the roads in the area:


If this happens as described, the station will become distinctly odd, with the only footbridge at the opposite end of the station to the street entrance, Are there many other examples of this around the network?
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