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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by ess, 10 Nov 2011.

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  1. ess

    ess Member

    9 Feb 2010
    I notice that the fgw delay repay leaflet you can pick up from stations doesn't exactly make it clear what to do once you've filled the leaflet in. It's especially confusing if you don't know what the former wessex trains, first great western link or former first great western services were. There's an address on the back amongst the rest of the contact info but its confusing who you're actually supposed to send it to (leaflet 313451/02 if fgw are reading).

    The fgw website is a bit clearer once you find the page http://www.firstgreatwestern.co.uk/Content.aspx?id=3645 but even that doesn't explain that you need to fill in a form (and the form also asks dumb questions like the departure time of the train you took that was delayed as well as the advertised departure time which surely is all that's needed).

    Come on FGW - anyone would think you're trying it on.
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  3. LexyBoy

    LexyBoy Established Member Fares Advisor

    23 Jan 2009
    North of the rivers
    FGW don't do Delay Repay - if you're used to TOCs sign up to the DR scheme then it will indeed seem confusing and complex. That's how all TOCs used to do it.

    I think it will be a condition of the next GW franchisee that they will offer a DR scheme.
  4. swt_passenger

    swt_passenger Veteran Member

    7 Apr 2010
    When DfT first introduced delay repay they also definitely said it would be compulsory at all future franchise changes.

    At least one TOC (Southeastern) has changed early voluntarily though - cynics might say in reaction to all the hassle they got about massaged charter statistics. The advantage for the franchisee is that those stats no longer result in season renewal discounts...
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