First Rail live

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21 Nov 2005
Finaly the site is up and running, some tweaks needed here and there but the layout will stay as it is. pages need to be added. some features to look forward too
1. FGW routes and fleet information that will be detailed and accomidated with pictures.
2. Allowing you to become a writer for First Rail!
3. free user guides to top games such as BVE /Railsim
4. upload your images to share with fgw members
5. When jobs are posted on the internal board you get access to it!
6. Plus other FGW fans that develop routes and other designs for the community will be hosted for free with First Rail

So far we have a 4 man team which will stay and we are not offering any other admin teams just of yet, but you can stiul become a writer (you will need your posts authorized by the team before its live)

Stay tuned for the full features of First Rail.
there will not be a dedicated forum on our site as we are undergoing negotions with TC for a forum section within this forum :)
Not open for further replies.