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First train calls at Ampress Halt in over 15 years

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This morning Green 3-Cig 1498 became the first train to call at Ampress Halt on the Lymington branch in over 15 years, when two normal service trains were stopped additionally for an inspection visit by Network Rail, SWT, Hampshire Country Council & Lymington Town Council. This is related to the proposed re-opening of the Halt in connection with the new Lymington Hospital being built on the adjacent former Wellworthys factory site which closed in 1989. Presume it will also give an indication of time lost on the existing schedule for timetabling. For information the trains were:-

1J23 11.29 Brockenhurst - Lymington Pier (11.39)
1J24 11.44 Lymington Pier - Brockenhurst (11.54)

Two NR field engineers were waiting on the platform for the arrival of 1J23 & about 8 people got off & were picked up again by 1498 on the returning 1J24.

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