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Flying Scotsman USA Tour Documentary

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7 May 2018
Yes, yet another Flying Scotsman related malarkey though TBF it is the first time I've seen cover the whole North American tour in detail which I don't think I've seen before.
Lots of things I didn't know before such as the original planed route for the 1970 tour which instead of going up through the Mid West to Green Bay would have seen the tour go via the West Coast to Canada. What does anyone else think of it as I must say I'm genuine impressed by how well this documentary was made. Now for the Australian tour...
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Peter C

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13 Oct 2018
GWR land
I saw this earlier this morning but didn't watch all of it - I'll finish watching it and get back with my full thoughts at some point. From the bit I did see, it looked to be very well made.
I'd like to see a similar one on the journey of 6000 'King George V' to America 1927: could make for an interesting look into how the engine worked over there. From what I've read, it was a positive journey.

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