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6 Jun 2005
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As many of you will be aware, the forum has seen an unprecedented growth in the past year or so, which resulted in us increasing the number of moderators by 3 during 2011. We have now reached a position where, due to the rising workload, we feel it is necessary for another member of staff to take on some of the extra Administrator duties to ensure that all the staff have a manageable workload. As a result, Mike395 will be taking on this role with immediate effect. We are sure that all members will join us in wishing him well in his new position.

Quiz Forum

It has been noticed that the number of quizzes has grown exponentially in recent months. In view of this, a decision has been made to tidy up the sub-forum as the staff team has been receiving complaints regarding the difficulty in navigating this area.

From now on, only Quizmasters can post new threads. You can, of course, participate in existing threads as normal.

If you have an idea for a new quiz, please contact a Quizmaster, the team will then consider the proposal and, if approved, post a new thread. (But note that no new threads will be created until 1st May)



Our Challenge meets continue to grow in popularity. We have now appointed four Challenge Organisers to co-ordinate these events. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or queries regarding any of the Challenges, please contact a member of this team.

Challenge Organisers:

Fares Advisors

We are starting to appoint volunteer Fares Advisors, so that you can identify people who are deemed knowledgeable and experienced in railway ticketing matters in the Fares, Ticketing & Routeing section. Please note that the forum cannot be held responsible for any advice given by any member, including Fares Advisors.
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