Free Wi-fi for London Overground stations

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23 Jan 2009
London Overground is bringing free Wi-Fi to 56 stations, starting this summer. This follows Virgin's pledge to offer free connectivity on the Underground in time for this summer's Olympics

BSkyB-owned The Cloud will offer free Wi-Fi at London Overground train stations, with some launching the service in time for this summer's 2012 Olympic Games.

Commuters will get up to one hour's free connectivity within the vicinity of the station, while they wait for trains, The Cloud and London Overground has confirmed. Once the hour is up, users can stay connected on a pay-as-you-go basis

Passengers at 56 London Overground stations in all will be able to get online before the end of 2012.

Steve Murphy, managing director of London Overground Rail Operations Limited said: "Access to the internet is no longer limited solely to home or to the workplace, and people’s expectation is to be able to work and communicate effectively and seamlessly while they’re on the move.

"We’re delighted to support this initiative which will bring reliable, free Wi-Fi to London Overground’s customers."

The announcement follow's Virgin Media's pledge to bring free, unlimited access Wi-Fi to the London Underground for the Olympics. However, when the games come to a close, non-Virgin customers will have to pay for the privilege.

The connectivity will only be available at the tube stations themselves, rather than within the tube tunnels.
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