Freedom of Wales weekend.

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  1. 43167

    43167 Member

    18 Jan 2010
    Off work for a week and half, and the half week was spent in Wales.

    Starting on Thursday 6th Aug, set off from Steeton & Silsden on 333011 to Keighley, took 91107 to Leeds, then 185149 to Man Pic.

    After a breakfast break, made my way over to P14 for the 0950 to Holyhead with 67022. Took it all the way to Holyhead, then after a quick chippy move, rejoined for the 1301 which I took to Llandudno Junction.

    Returned to Holyhead to get checked in at my b&b for the night on 158818, then once got the key did 175101 to make 67022 at Prestatyn on the Manc-Llandudno. Took the return back to Abergele (shack scratch), then 158839 to Colwyn Bay, finishing the day on 67002 on the WAG.

    Friday wasn't too exciting, a combination of 158835, 221116 & 175115 from Holyhead to Newport, if anything just to break the journey up abit.

    At Newport took 43163/042 to Cardiff, then had another blast of 67002 on the WAG again, this time taking it to Pontypool for another shack scratch. 175104 took me back to Newport. Plan then once was to do 1745 Paddington-Carmarthen forward to Llanelli, but the GWML had fallen apart due to a major signal failure at the London end, so ended up on the late running 1645 Pad-Swansea with 43063/161, then 175102 to Llanelli.

    Saturday my plan had been the FGW Pembroke's, but both ended up been cancelled. So started on 0815 Swansea-Carmarthen with 43018/188, which the formed 0935 to Paddington. By now definately knew there would be no HSTs going to Pembroke, so took it to Newport. This now ment I was in good position to see some of the Rugby extras. I wasn't at Newport long when 43176/197 appeared on a Bristol-Cardiff additional, so took it to Cardiff.

    Battled through crowds, then did 43185/183 back to Newport to pick up 67002 with the WAG.

    While the match was on, went to Neath on 43029/162 working 1145 Pad-Swa, for 43016/159 on 1428 Swa-Pad to Newport, then 43036/150 on 1445 Pad-Swa back to Cardiff. By now the crowds were returning from the match and the additionals. 43023/171 worked a 1727 Cardiff-Swansea, so did that throughout. A good run saw me make 1828 Swa-Pad (150/036) and took that back to Cardiff for the 1745 Pad-Carmarthen (163/042) back to Llanelli.

    Sunday finished my Welsh bash, where after doing 175004/104 to Swansea, took 43086/147 on 0954 to Paddington, diverted via Barry. Did that to Newport, then 175002 to Hereford.

    There I got a West Mids dayranger, as was spending the afternoon in the Mids. Did FGWs 1432 Hereford-Pad with 43071/194, to Worcester, then 172332 through to Tyseley. Had a little trip on The Shakespeare Express back Snow Hill, hauled by 4965. Then went to check in at Travelodge nearby, and came back out for ride to Leamington for 68011 back.

    Tomorrow I start a weeks All-Line.
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  3. Techniquest

    Techniquest Veteran Member

    19 Jun 2005
    Nowhere Heath
    Crikey that was a rather busy time, tons of HSTs done too!

    You sure got some variety in, going from an All Wales to a WMDR and now onto an ALR! :shock: Hope you have an amazing time on your ALR, I am jealous!
  4. Kristofferson

    Kristofferson Member

    23 Nov 2012
    Now that's some variety! :)
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