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19 Jun 2005
Nowhere Heath
Hi all,

Well if it wasn't rather obvious by the thread title, I recently did the online assessments for GA. I've told almost no-one what I've gone for yet, and for the time being I'm not willing to jinx it here either!

Anyway, I was more than pleased to get the invite to do the assessments earlier this week, naturally I went in for it as soon as I could after I got home. Thankfully I found the talent screener questions easy enough, they're the sort where you get a scenario given and you choose from 3 answers. I still feel I did just fine with those, but by gum wasn't the second part challenging! I'm not sure how much you're allowed to discuss the assessments with anyone who's not done them, but I will say that you must take the practice test on that one as you'll need it! I also recommend using a traditional mouse and not a scroll pad as you would have on a laptop...

So let's get to the burning question:

Does everyone who applies for jobs with GA get sent an invite to the assessments, or does it actually indicate you've got slightly further than anticipated in the process?

Closing date is tomorrow I believe, I doubt I need to tell you I'll be checking my emails very thoroughly and regularly for the next couple of weeks!
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