Generic msg on class 458 SWT

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16 Jun 2012
There are a few generic messages that I have noticed
" There is a fault with the door system, this is being attended to, please do not operate any passenger alarms. Thank you"

This gets played when the train is in-between stations and there are delays.
This seems to be a common occurrence, and seriously doubt that the doors are that faulty.

The other message that I find tiresome is "you must be in possession of a valid first class ticket to sit in first class"
I take it that this is because the train is too full and the guard cannot check tickets.
Is this message automatic or does the guard press a button in his office?
It would be nice just to restrict this to first class as frequent playing of this message can give one a headache when trying to relax on a very busy train.
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7 Apr 2010
The door fault message is real, it is to do with an ASDO system issue and is explained in the main 458 thread, around mid January.

Don't see why they would be playing the first class message on a train without first class though.
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