Guildford to Tackley via Banbury?

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10 May 2012
Hi there!

Could anybody shed any light on whether it is legitimate to travel from Guildford to Tackley (and vice-versa) via Banbury with a "not via London" Off-Peak Single (or Off-Peak Return). That is to say, on the route Guildford-Reading with FGW, Reading-Banbury XC, Banbury-Tackley FGW. This would involve doubling back between Banbury and Tackley.

The shortest (and normal) route would be Guildford-Reading-Oxford-Tackley, but because the stopping services between Oxford and Banbury are so infrequent it would often be more convenient to travel up to Banbury and back down than to wait for the next northbound stopper from Oxford.

I am aware there is an easement allowing doubling back between Kings Sutton and Banbury, but as there doesn't appear to be one allowing you to double back to stations further south I have always assumed that it was not permitted.

However, it appears that the online ticketing services (including the FGW and XC websites) will nevertheless happily sell you an Off-Peak Not-London Single (£19.40) for the journey via Banbury.

Any advice would be very welcome!
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Paul Kelly

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16 Apr 2010
One possible explanation is Easement 700071. This is not in the public version of the routeing guide but only in the electronic version available to booking engines, and says
Easement 700071 said:
During the period 27 December 2010 to 03 January 2011 inclusive, customers in possession of FGW tickets may double back between Banbury and Oxford.
It appears that this easement has been incorrectly set with no expiry dates. It was certainly still in force late last year, and may be still in force now, as far as the booking engines are concerned. But certainly the doubling back via Banbury, Kings Sutton and Heyford doesn't appear to be permitted by the public version of the Routeing Guide.
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