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GWR Nameplate Letters and Font

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29 Jun 2012
I have recently created (my son actually) a tru-type font called Swindon Egyptian which i would be happy to send anyone free of charge. You just drag it into the Windows\fonts directory and it is accessible to all applications. Only upper case of course. I am also digitising the individual letters using Draftsight (I have a copy of the Swindon drawing) so that I can send a .dwg or .dxf file if you want the have the letters laser-cut, waterjet cut or wire-eroded for a modelling project. I'm a week away from finishing this!
Best regards
John M Smith
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15 Nov 2011
Between the parallel lines
Hello John! Welcome to the forums!

That sounds very good and I'm impressed by the work that you, your son and others do on this sort of thing - as a part-time graphic designer myself, I can well understand the need and appeal of extra artwork and typefaces to replicate and authentically design railway items. May I suggest that you or your son draw up a commercial license for this typeface if you are entrepreneurially-inclined? You may wish to sell it to those who manufacture souvenirs, replicas etc.

The attachment system on this forum is slightly notorious, but if you are happy to provide this work for free, you may wish to share it as an attachment to a post, but you may need to make more posts on the forum first.

If I have an opportunity to use this, I will. Many thanks!


21 Jan 2012
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Hello John and Welcome indeed!

I enclose 2 poor photo's of nameplates I took on Tuesday Morning at Paddington of the double headed Night Riviera service from Penzance to Paddington. Taken after a good nights sleep at about 6:50 am hence the poor quality. Tintagel Castle and maybe more interestingly Pendennis Castle!

Regards to you and your son.


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  • Tintagel Castle.jpg
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