Hornby 50018 Resolution

Discussion in 'Memorabilia, Media & Publications' started by dugdug03, 31 Oct 2011.

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  1. dugdug03

    dugdug03 Member

    2 Sep 2011
    Evening guys,

    I know i made a mistake in buying this loco as it has X Y and Z which isnt right but i do have a couple of questions

    Do all 50018 models only carry red rear working lights? or is it just mine
    I have no lights on the front of the loco, Only rear red....

    If the case is that all 50018's come off the production line with only rear working lights, Can by direction lights be fiited and if so... is it a pain in the neck to fit?
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  3. hairyhandedfool

    hairyhandedfool Established Member

    14 Apr 2008
    If it has headlights they will be in the head code box above the cab, which may be difficult to access (the unrefurbished 50's didn't have central headlights). From videos I have seen on Youtube, it is not clear if the headlights are on or not, I suspect not, however other 'refurbished' 50's definately have headcode box lighting.

    If it doesn't you should be able to spares from places like East Kent Models, or maybe direct from Hornby (have you emailed them to ask about the headlights?).
  4. GearJammer

    GearJammer Member

    12 Nov 2009
    On the Southern
    Well funny enough i ran my 50018 the other day, mine only had red tail lights....... which tbh looks a bit daft when its pulling a train.
  5. thedbdiboy

    thedbdiboy Member

    10 Sep 2011
    'Resolution' was the very first issue of the Hornby model unrefurbished blue class 50 and was not fitted with headcode lights, only tail lights. All subsequent issues (refurbished and unrefurbished) have headcode lights fitted.
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