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24 Feb 2006
West End, Surrey
"VNC" or Voyager for N-Gauge Campaign

Seeing as the Voyager is a reasonable success for 00 modellers, and Bachmann always comment that its much cheaper to down size an existing model from another range, than to start from scratch, I think there should be one in N-Gauge.

Since the take over of Farish, Bachmann have asked for suggestions on future releases, and time and time again the Voyager is submitted. Yet Bachmann never flutters an eye lid about it. Instead coming up with a 150 simply to get on Dapols nerves! :(

The unit is extremely diverse, route wise, and thus sales should be good because most modern image modellers could use one :)

So what do you think? Worth a try? maybe get an email going asking for people to add their names (though really I could just go through the fone book and gather several thounsand in no time :P) like some petition.

We could even try and suggest Dapol add it to their list of To-Do's as that way Bachmann would jump on another chance to out do the competition.
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