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Identity of Class 58s in Spain

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14 Apr 2008
Not sure if this will be the right place for this (perhaps it'd be better in the international section instead?) and it's probably a long shot anyway. On Monday (16th May) I was on a train in Spain that passed yards near Alicanti and Murcia which had some Class 58s in them.

I know 58015, 'L37' and 'L44' were near Alicanti, but there was a Class 58 parked up between 'L37' and 'L44' which I couldn't identify, does anyone know which one it was?

Also, in a yard not far from Murcia, there were two more Class 58s. I know neither were 58030, but does anyone know which ones they were?

Thanks in advance for any help on this.
Not open for further replies.