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I'm not happy with my contract, so...

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7 Nov 2011
Interesting there were 5 police officers there to arrest him. Then again you can never know for sure which way something's going to go, or if someone's going to kick off big style.
I once watched Sussex Police trying to arrest a tramp, who had been having a fight with another tramp. One tramp stopped and leaned against a shop wall, but the other one went mad when the police tried to arrest him. Two uniformed officers tried but they couldn't seem to get hold of the guy. A couple of plain clothes officers turned up to help out, but they still couldn't restrain him. A traffic warden then radioed for assistance (back in the day when they worked for the police and had police radios), and the area car arrived with two more uniformed officers. It still took the 6 of them another 2 minutes to restrain the guy and get him into the police car.

I think incidents like that are symptomatic of the mess this country is in, and I can understand people sometimes get frustrated, especially these days.
It's a shame for someone to get a record for criminal damage because of a phone shop, although the guy in that video didn't seem bothered about it. One of the comments under the video says the bloke waited 2 hours and was still refused a refund.


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6 Jul 2010
There's a sequel where he tries to fix it up...a failed T-Mobile viral ad
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