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Discussion in 'Railway History & Nostalgia' started by ole man, 17 Nov 2011.

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  1. ole man

    ole man Member

    6 Jul 2011
    Has anybody got any interesting stories about there time on the railway or have any stories about the railway?

    The more obscure the better.

    Or even better any claim to fames?:idea:

    Ok i'll start Two members of my family have been on royal train, one has the driver, the other was the guard.
    Also the same member was the driver of the Post office train that derailed when it crashed into a derailed tanker train at Rickerscote
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  3. Rugd1022

    Rugd1022 Member

    19 Feb 2010
    Well, a couple of minor claims to fame... I'm on the cover of the old Ian Allan Colour Portfolio book on the 50s, sat in the secondmans seat of 50 039shortly after I'd transferred to Old Oak from Stonebridge Park in August 1983. I'm also in one of the shots in John Vaughan's "Diesels In The Duchy" on a railtour back in 1979, aged 14.

    Not so much a 'story', more an anecdote really... Wednesday 23rd November 1983... I was travelling from Hammersmith to Paddington on the first Met Line train of the morning, heading for the Old Oak staff bus for an early shed turn, as the LT train approached Padd I could see the derailed coaches of the Up Sleeper and 50 041 on it's side under Bishops Road Bridge.... it was eerily silent but there was still a lot of dust hanging in the air. I got off and proceeded to the country end of the platform to have a look, there weren't many people around but those I saw were all in railway uniforms so I left and headed to the Praed St entrance and the staff van. Along with the bus driver, there was just me, an old hand driver and a guard travelling to Old Oak that morning, and the discussion soon turned to who the driver might be aboard Bulwark. We knew it was an Old Oak man as the diagram was an out and back turn to Bristol, taking the 02.15 papers down and bringing the Sleeper back up. Arriving at Old Oak we went into the lobby to find a large number of other drivers, secondmen and the office staff milling around, talking about the accident. With nothing moving in or out of Padd we all had nowhere to go and spent most of the morning chatting and supping tea. The shed turn kept three of us busy for a while though as the night shift had left some locos for us to fuel and berth around the table, and the ones booked out to morning trains still had to be shifted out of the way, despite not being able to go past the shed exit signal.

    Not a day I shall forget in a hurry.
  4. scotsman

    scotsman Established Member

    6 Jul 2010
    I'm in quite a few enthusiasts photos of 47804 in Dingwall in August.

    I'd gone down for a photo when I saw the crew getting down and asked if me and my mate could get a look. "Aye, don't touch anything"

    Was quite fun, since it was a while since I was last in a 47 cab. We both got the obligatory photo of each other in the Driver's seat. Listening to the radio of the RETB system was fairly interesting too.

    Then came a few of our passengers with cameras, I duly sat in the Driver's seat and grinned! (I could have been the Driver...if my tie wasn't so stripy...)
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