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Discussion in 'Allocations, Diagrams & Timetables' started by DaveHarries, 24 May 2015.

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  1. DaveHarries

    DaveHarries Established Member

    12 Dec 2011
    Evening all,

    With the 24/7 closure of Bathampton Junction for 01st - 31st August 2015 I am working on a SimSig timetable for Bristol, Swindon & Westbury sims which will, I hope, run as a chain.

    In the course of my looking at the data I came across this which I thought sounded interesting. It seems that the regular 2O70 (0649 Worcester Shrub Hill - Weymouth) becomes 2T70 and terminates at Bristol Temple Meads to interwork with a Cardiff Central diagram.....

    ..... while train 2O70 is given as an 0600 from Exeter St. Davids to Weymouth, via. Taunton, Weston-s-Mare, Bristol TM, Bristol Parkway, Swindon, Trowbridge and Westbury with normal route Westbury to Weymouth. Pathed as a Class 15x DMU the total trip time is stated as 5hrs.

    This means that the regular route of 2O70 is combined with train 2D02 (0600 Exeter St. Davids to Bristol Parkway). The 2O70 repalcement could be a mistake (I know these things often change before the scheduled date) but it makes interesting reading IMO.

    TBH an X53 bus from Exeter to Weymouth would be quicker (3 1/2hrs) but the first journey from Exeter to Weymouth on that does not leave until 0920. Interesting trip perhaps.

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    14 Nov 2011
    The normal 06 00 Exeter to Bristol Parkway extended and picking up the 06 47 ex Worcester path at Westbury. There was around 2002 a 05 33 Weymouth to Exeter regular service but this ram direct from Westbury to Bristol thence to Taunton.
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