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Interview Help! - Signalling Operations Apprentice Role

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15 Mar 2021
Hello, first time poster here but have read these forums a lot, did some searching but haven't found anything concrete to calm my nerves. I'm bricking it in regards to my virtual interview on Tuesday, I desperately desperately want to land this role! (I previously did a 5 question scenario based video which involved me self recording and responding to how I would handle things in certain situations, i.e a track worker has contacted you about work on Signal X and Y).

It is a 12 month program level 2 operations apprentice role in signalling with network rail. Naturally no experience required but all I really have to go on is what they've mentioned in the email: "During the interview we’ll explore your understanding of the Operations apprentice role, your motivation for a career with Network Rail and the required capabilities and behaviours to be an excellent Signaller"

I have written down some notes to display on my PC screen to catch a sneaky glimpse at and to go over before my interview but ANY tips/help/things to mention/key words etc would be so appreciated and I would be eternally grateful! Many thanks!
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29 Apr 2019
The eight non technical skills, NR's safety vision, answer using the STAR method. Have back up answers ready in case they don't like one of yours. Be prepared to expand on answers you give.
Research what NR is and what they do (and what they own and don't own), research the line you'll be working on and which TOC's and FOC's use it.
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