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Discussion in 'Railway Jobs & Careers' started by Sgiot, 25 May 2015.

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  1. Sgiot

    Sgiot Member

    20 Apr 2015
    I read the following on

    " People have complained to me that they have started on the psychometric tests but have not been allowed to finish them before being rejected, despite the fact that they have not actually failed any of the psychometric elements. This can be listed as a psychometric 'fail' which is really tough given that you only have two shots at this and may want to try elsewhere".

    I understand that it's the TOC's prerogative to only progress enhanced passes and sift out standard passes at anytime, but does that really cost you a life even though you haven't actually failed ? .

    Seems harsh to say the least .
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  3. Nic nic

    Nic nic Member

    29 Jun 2014
    ??? pinch of salt needed there I suspect.
  4. red2005

    red2005 Member

    9 May 2009
    north ish
    from what i saw the only time you were sent home early is if you failed any part of the test! they wouldn't have any idea if you had gained a borderline or high pass until you had finished ALL assessments surely!??

    if you get to the end and they find you have gained a borderline pass they CAN decide to not take your application further depending on their standards! but that is not a fail it is what it says on the tin a borderline pass so no lives affected
  5. theking

    theking Member

    30 Sep 2011
    Some tocs mark after each assessment and you wait for the result.

    If you get a national standard pass then how can it be a fail.

    I think some people are thinking they've got a fail because they've been removed from the application process (for a toc who requires enhanced passes) midway through say the paper tests say after the gb, and they haven't been asked to complete say the teocc.

    Why would a toc pay for more tests when the candidate hasn't reached their required standard.
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