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11 Feb 2009
Looking forward to a trip a week on Wednesday afternoon from Fort William to Malaig on the Jacobite Steam excursion

It has been over 24 years since we last went on there

My wife booked a week in Fort William back in the 80s before we had kids and knowing my love of railways, booked the furthest away place from a preserved railway she could think of

As I unpacked the car she was making tea in the holiday flat overlooking the West Highland Line in Fort William when the Jacobite went past blowing its whistle :D

You knew there was a steam train up here she said fuming when i suggested the holiday:lol:

Must be very popular now as there was only afternoon seats available for next week 2 weeks ago
£86 Quite pricey for 2 adults and a child but there again compared to normal mainline tours perhaps not.

Oh yes she hates trains especially the dirty smelly oily ones:roll:
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