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Keighley and District - B521UWW - get it while you can!

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19 May 2010
For anyone that's interested:

Keighley and Districts last non Volvo-engined Leyland Olympian (389 - B521UWW) has somehow dodged the grim reaper yet again. It was seen back in traffic after protracted engine repairs, on the usual duty (1730 Skipton - Keighley service 70) today....

The regular move for it is to work (Monday to Friday) a service 70 at around 1610 from Skipton Bus station - Keighley (runs with two vehicles so not to worry if the first one that appears is a volvo engined example). Then runs dead to Skipton Rail station and forms a (Monday to Friday) 1730 Skipton Rail station - Keighley, via Skipton Bus Station (at 1735).

However, timetable changes from 29th April will see these service 70's being withdrawn, so leaving little potential for 389 to work normal passenger services after this date. Get it while you can!
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