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London Area - 17th Feb

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9 Jun 2005
I met up with a few people and we went around London together. Here is a selection of photos from the day.

60027 alongside Acton Mainline station.
66184 depating Acton yard.
66715 roaring past South Kenton station.
67030 sitting alongside a Class 91.
87007 racing past South Kenton.
91131 awaiting departure from Kings Cross.
165118 on a Greenford service at Acton Mainline.
165136 in '2012 Back the Bid' livery at Acton Mainline.
313110 after passing a 350 at South Kenton.
313111 approaching the station at South Kenton.
508301 arriving at South Kenton station.
508302 at South Kenton after passing a Class 313.
999701 & 999700 Plasser & Theurer track insp. unit at Waterloo.
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