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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Anniel, 14 Mar 2009.

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  1. Anniel

    Anniel New Member

    14 Mar 2009
    I have a Senior railcard and want to travel from London to Lancaster on May7th and return to London on 19th or 20th May. I am travelling alone.

    I can be flexible and would appreciate any advice on cheapest fares and where to buy them.


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  3. glynn80

    glynn80 Established Member

    1 Jun 2008
    Your cheapest option are Advance Singles, one in each direction.

    On May 7th the best priced Advance Single is on the 20:30 service from London Euston to Lancaster with a change in Preston, arriving at 23:38- the fare being £8.90. If that is too late for you there are also £16.50 singles on the 05:47 (non stop), 09:30 (non stop), 13:30 (change in Preston), 17:30 (non stop), 17:57 (non stop), 18:30 (non stop).

    On May 19th the best priced Advance Single is available at £6.95 (the lowest priced single on sale) on the 12:38 from Lancaster (non stop), 13:39 (non stop), 15:39 (non stop), 20:38 (non stop), 20:57 (non stop).

    All the journey times are approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.

    The cheapest combination comes out at £8.90+£6.95= £15.85. This is available from nearly all Train Operating Companies websites, I suggest Southern Railway's website ( using the Online Journey Planner on the right hand side.

    Please do bear in mind these singles are only valid on the service you are booked on and they are non refundable once purchased.
  4. clagmonster

    clagmonster Established Member

    8 Jun 2005
    The one other thing that I would add to Glynn's excellent reply is that these tickets are subject to a quota, so will sell out. You are advised to purchase them as soon as you have confirmed your travel arrangements.
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