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London Underground Quiz in recent events

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Quite simple, there is a prize available - so PM your answers.

Possible scores: 2 for exact, 1 for close, 0 for just plain wrong.

  1. The person who was killed at Stockwell station on the 22nd, what did he go over to get to the platforms?
  2. What is the most important member of staff (in a station), and where do they work?
  3. There are people who work in ticket halls, what are they called?
  4. Who is the chief of LU?
  5. What has been the most affected out of the attacks?
  6. What has been the least affected out of the attacks?
  7. Who operate both the above answers?
  8. Who is the chief of the Met Police?
  9. What is his title?
  10. What was affected the worst and caused a Northern Line suspension today?
  11. Where was the Northern Line bomb?
  12. Where was the Hammersmith & City Line bomb?
  13. What line has 4 branches?
  14. Which direction was the train at Warren Street going in?
  15. What line was affected by the Warren Street attack?
  16. What was the most affected depot by the SSL attacks on the 7th, what depot was it, and which line does that mainly serve?
  17. Which line is 'straight' through Central London?
  18. Which is the (current) northern terminus of the Southern Piccadilly Line?
  19. What was the most affected LINE?
  20. What is the (current) southern terminus of the Northern & Piccadilly Line?
  21. Where was one of the SSL attacks on the 7th?
  22. Where was the other?
  23. Where was the Piccadilly Line attack (what was the next station)?
  24. What is the hotline people should call if they have information (don't need number)?
  25. Where was the bus destined to yesterday?
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