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LUL Employees NR Season ticket discount

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22 Feb 2012
Hi all.

I've been lucky enough to have been offered a position with London Underground as one of their new CSAs and I go to sign my contract tomorrow :D

I do have a question to anyone who may have the answer: I will be using National Rail services to get to and from work (FCC, I live in Luton) and therefore will be looking to take advantage of the 75% reimbursment season ticket loan scheme. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what this entails and how and when I would receive my ticket.

Just slightly worried as I have been unemployed for a little while now and 2 weeks of getting to training in London would be a bit of a hardship right now!

Thanks in advance guys/gals!
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27 Oct 2006
Normally you apply through your Employing Manager and eForms on SAP/calling HR Customer Services on Auto 1729 to get the season ticket loan form. Then buy the Yearly Season ticket and submit a copy of it with the 75% discount form. You then pay back 25% of the ticket price PLUS tax and NI contributions based on the 75% that you haven't paid back....


There is a deal with First Capital Connect (and East Coast now too) where you can buy a 75% discounted ticket - so avoiding the tax and NI element. Have a look on Source (TfL Intranet) for the eForms.

A friend has just finished his initial training and they have said that you can't apply for the loan until you arrive at your post training location and have an actual Centurion (Employing) Manager.

Try and enjoy Ashfield House. I'm there for a five week course. Where's that valium....
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6 Sep 2011
There are some significant free National Rail concessions on various parts of the network for LUL staff - London to Watford comes to mind (as historical legacies of pre-grouping and older LT operational practices) - worth checking the detail with the HQ office that issues staff passes. Some surprising places - this also applies also to "safeguarded" ex BR staff with LUL concessions - I can travel to High Barnet / Edgware / Hammersmith for example - but not intermediatly !!
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