Mis-announced train at Clapham Junction

Discussion in 'UK Railway Discussion' started by CheapAndNerdy, 13 Nov 2011.

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    17 Jan 2010
    I guess this falls under the category "these things happen", especially with all the engineering works and re-platforming. So I am posting this mainly out of interest and wonder if a mistake like this would be recorded officially.

    This evening (Sunday) I arrived at Clapham Junction to catch the 16:27 Sutton train (via Norbury). When I got to the platform the 16:24 Brighton service was there, with my train second on the indicator board. The Brighton service was delayed for quite a few minutes due to the use of the wheelchair ramp and by the time it left it must have been 16:30ish. At that point I noticed that the 16:27 had disappeared from the indicator board and that the next service was the 16:32, again to Sutton (via Streatham Hill).

    So a train duly arrived at about 16:32 and was announced as such. A few minutes after it left another train arrived...and was also announced as the 16:32 Sutton (via Streatham Hill) <(. At this point I realised that the two Sutton trains had been the subject of confusion, at least in part due to the late departure of the 16:24 Brighton service.

    Even though there was no public acknowledgement of the error at the time, would this "incident" have been recorded?

    To round off on a happier note, I'm home now from a very pleasant afternoon at Richmond Park where I had a close encounter (of the good kind) with a large (200?) herd of fallow deer.
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