Morayshires Debut Steam Gala

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4 Jul 2005
Today I went to the Bo'ness And Kinneil Railway to go see Morayshire perform at the Morayshires Debut Steam Gala. Although a damp and wet tday, the turnout was even better than our Days Out With Thomas galas. 419 took the first train with the Caledonian coaches, and from there-on the services were handled by both Morayshire ( at the top of the train ), and 419 ( tailing the train ). Only the 3 o'clock service was Morayshire doing solo, which i wasn't at Bo'ness long enough to see.

Morayshire performed beautifully, and i look forward to seeing more of her

Some of my photos are here: while the rest i want to upload shall be uploaded tomorrow evening, although I may not be uploading my "Behind The Scenes" tour photos due to the fact that they are mostly purposed for the B&KRTS Pack.

So the rest of the photos should be up tomorrow, and possibly a video of the event during the week once my recordings have been transferred from my grandpas video camera ( me now officially using it more than he does now :shock: ) onto my p.c and all things editted.



BTW, does anybody know of a free mov. to avi. converter ( which doesn't have a limit on conversions )
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