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11 Oct 2005
Blue Pullman - SATURDAY 28 OCTOBER 2006
To BUCKFASTLEIGH, from London Paddington, Slough (for M25), Reading
and Newbury.

The delightfully rural South Devon (formerly Dart Valley) Railway
and tranquil Buckfast Abbey are our destinations for this autumn day
out to Glorious Devon, running via Exeter, the Dawlish Sea Wall and
Totnes. On alighting from the Pullman at Buckfastleigh you can take
a steam-hauled journey on one of the South Devon Railway's own steam-
hauled trains or travel by vintage bus to spend some time at
Buckfast Abbey where you can purchase the famous Buckfast Tonic Wine
and other monastic produce.

The price is £115 (£440 for a party of four) including your reserved
seat on the Blue Pullman, the Great British Breakfast, light lunch
and a four course dinner, SDR steam trains and the vintage bus to
Buckfast Abbey.

0715 Paddington
0737-0739 Slough
0804-0806 Reading
0825-0827 Newbury
0907-0916 Westbury
0937 Castle Cary
0959 Taunton
1012 Tiverton Parkway
1026-1050 Exeter St Davids
1103-1136 Dawlish Warren
1149 Newton Abbot
1203-1220 Totnes
1255 Buckfastleigh

1725 Buckfastleigh
1800-1810 Totnes
1823 Newton Abbot
1838 Dawlish Warren
1849 Exeter St Davids
1905 Tiverton Parkway
1916 Taunton
1936 Castle Cary
1958-2002 Westbury
2046-2048 Newbury
2115-2118 Reading
2135-2137 Slough
2158 Paddington

Also a reminder of a previous posting on SWRG by "redrockcockwood"
(SWRG Message 67473)

Quote from issue No.56 of the 'Devonian' magazine:

".....visit by FM Rails Blue Pullman. This 11 coach air braked train
is expected to be worked by a 47 to Totnes with a pair of 31's on the
rear. On arrival at the mainline station the train will reverse with
the 31's powering the train onto the SDR. Once off mainline metals
47 will be detached from the rear of the train (it is too heavy for
the SDR) and will be replaced by 37321. The train then works to
Buckfastleigh with the 31's and 37 working top and tail. Once the
passengers have detrained at Buckfastleigh the train works empty
to Bishops Bridge to stable. Later in the day it returns to
Buckfastleigh as another empty stock prior to forming the return
service to Totnes, this time with the 37 hauling the 11 coaches and 2
dead 31's. The 37 will be replaced by the 47 at Totnes SDR before the
train returns onto the mainline."

Should be rather interesting.
Ta Lizard.

Sounds GREAT!

 The Cornubian (Past-Time Rail)
Saturday 28th October

Is there a better way of viewing the diversity of England's
countryside than from the carriage window as we are steam hauled
from Penzance by the pride of the Great Western King Class No:
6024 `King Edward 1'. The feel of the early 1960's will be enhanced
as we use the magnificently restored diesel hydraulic No.
D1015 `Western Champion' in maroon livery on the non-steam sections
of the days journey.

0245 Old Oak Common
0344-0414 Slough
0431 Reading
0446 Didcot Parkway
0514 Swindon
0527 Kemble
0600 Gloucester

1Z24 (D1015)
0623 Gloucester
0652 Yate
0659-0701 Bristol Parkway
0711-0713 Bristol Temple Meads
0741-0743 Weston Super Mere
0807-0822 Taunton
0839 Tiverton Parkway
0900 Exeter St Davids
0912 Dawlish Warren
0926 Newton Abbot
0939 Totnes
1011-1018 Plymouth
1044 Liskeard
1103 Par
1109 St Austell
1127 Truro
1142 Camborne
1150 St Erth
1200 Penzance

1Z27 (6024)
1250 Penzance
1300 St Erth
1314 Camborne
1332 Truro
1353-1417 St Austell
1426 Par
1447 Liskeard
1517-1632 Plymouth
1718 Newton Abbot
1733 Dawlish Warren
1751-1828 Exeter St Davids
1848 Tiverton Parkway
1904-1956 Taunton (6024 off, D1015 on)
2020-2022 Weston Super Mere
2044-2106 Bristol Temple Meads
2116-2118 Bristol Parkway
2126 Yate
2154 Gloucester

2214 Gloucester
2241 Kemble
2253 Swindon
2314 Didcot Parkway
2332 Reading
2355 Slough
0101 Old Oak Common

0Z27 (D1015)
1307 Penzance
1317 St Erth
1334 Camborne
1352 Truro
1431-1435 Par
1444-1551 St Blazey
1602-1604 Par
1636 Liskeard
1703-1730 Plymouth
1804 Totnes
1818 Newton Abbot
1833-1853 Dawlish Warren
1907 Exeter St Davids
1924 Tiverton Parkway
1937 Taunton

5Z27 (6024)
1912 Taunton
2003 Bishops Lydeard

Once again Ta Lizard for the top gen
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11 Oct 2005
Arr it's going to be a pain to get to Newton Abbot for the Western. Hmm

I might get the 08.24 from Paignton and get it at Aller Jn.
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