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9 Jun 2005
Got this e-mail from Making Tracks' online shop this afternoon and thought it may be of interest:


MT Shop manager here.

I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how Great Eastern is
progressing at the moment.

The current plan is that the route will be submitted to the publisher at
the end of September for a release around the end of October / Early
The publisher sets the price, but I don't see why it would be set at
anything other than £24.99.
I still expect that we will be able to offer it for around £19.99 plus
p&p, (it does depend on how many we expect to be able to order at one time)

The next update you get from us is likely to be confirming a firm
release date, something that I will be very happy to be able to do.

One final point to make though, the minimum specs for GE have not yet
been established, but due to the amount of detail included, they are
likely to be reasonably high. Probably 2Ghz CPU with 512mb RAM and a 128
Mb graphics card, but until the final testing is completed, we wont know
what we think is needed to make it work.


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