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Mumbles railway signal.

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Graham S

27 Jul 2016
This is a slim chance of anyone knowing. Can someone tell me where there was a signal probally a disc in a cabinet at Swansea Rutland street controling the single line section to gas works loop. There are two signals at gas works loop. A two aspect signal proving the facing points and I assume line cleaner to Rutland Street. Also a disc type signal attached to a cantenery pole giving line clear for the single line towards St. Gabrials loop. All the photos I have seen at Rutland street I cannot find a signal. My photo is my layout looking towards Gas works loop and Mumbles. The two car set is approaching the terminus. Behind the camera would be the slip across Oystermouth road into the electric shed. So there must have been a signal here somwhere. Anyone who worked on the mumbles railway would now be in their 80s. I have tried Swansea archives to no avail. The mumbles railway had a unique lock and block automatic signal system detected through the overhead wires. W.R.Sykes was the maker of the signaling and there is supposed to be a paper held at the Science Museum Group collection. I have emailed them but had no responce. Maybee someone on here can help. Thank you Graham.FB_IMG_1617717320529.jpg
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