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Munich - Vienna, coupons or FIP rate?

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7 Jul 2016
Trying to find out which ticket (or coupon) I should be getting for a journey I am taking next month.

I am rail staff based in the UK and I have a FIP card that I have not yet used so I am a bit clueless about the European entitlements I have.

So the journey I am planning will be from Munich, Germany to Vienna, Austria on 12th August.

Having looked into the services that run between the two cities, I think it is the Railjet (which is run by OBB Austrain railway?) train that I will be using.

So I went to see if this is covered by the free coupons and it does say that I can ask for OBB Austrian coupons but since this is a journey originating in Germany, does this affect things? Would I have to obtain a separate ticket for the German part of the journey?

Also, if the free coupons are not for use on this service, am I just to purchase a ticket using my FIP card? Is there any info online showing what the cost of this will be?

I have been onto International Rail to find out a quote for the journey which they said would be £37.50 plus £4 reservation. I'm not entirely sure I've asked for the right quote though, or explained it well enough!

Sorry but I am lost and would appreciate any info from someone in the know.

Thanks in advance.
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30 Sep 2012
I am not up with current rules, but I would expect you to need a DB coupon too. The ÖBB provides the trains, but they are not "open access" in Germany, and so who provides them is not really relevant.

An ordinary Sparpreis fare on Railjet on the DB website is EUR44, cheaper if you change at Salzburg, but non flexible.


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28 Jan 2010
Bo'ness, West Lothian
You will need a coupon for Germany [DB] to cover you from Münich to Salzburg & one for Austria [OeBB] to cover you from Salzburg to Vienna. This will give you free travel throughout. Apply for coupons from www.atoc.org/rst

A seat reservation at £4.00 is optional but recommended. When booking just state that you need reservations only.
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