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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Starmill, 13 Aug 2015.

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  1. Starmill

    Starmill Events Co-ordinator

    18 May 2012
    Fares to Tweedbank have been available for a while now on some online booking engines, by searching for journeys on 6th September and beyond.

    However, there appear to be a few places from which they are missing, with the obvious black hole that I have found so far being Carlisle. Some flows have also been created, Manchester Stations to Tweedbank for example, with route Via York fares the only ones available. In this example these are at quite the premium to the route Via Carlisle fares (which I think really is the route most passengers would want to take) priced by TransPennine Express.

    The Any Permitted tickets from London Terminals to Tweedbank are shown as valid via Carlisle though, but they are Virgin Trains East Coast's fares structure. Tickets from CrossCountry destinations routed Via Bristol and Not Via London are also available. Advance tickets routed things like XC & Connections, VTEC & Connections and +AP LONDON READING seem to be available. Obviously tickets from throughout Scotland to Tweedbank are now available - with the exception of Lockerbie!

    By the looks of it, then, Virgin Trains / TransPennine Express haven't noticed Tweedbank is opening soon. ScotRail have been advertising that tickets to Tweedbank are now on sale since 19th June. Somebody give West Coast a friendly nudge 'n get on with it! Unless they fix it in time for opening day, I also can't imagine Transport Scotland being thrilled that there is no fare from Lockerbie to Tweedbank.
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  3. mikestone1952

    mikestone1952 Member

    12 Feb 2011
    I notice that Stafford has fares to Tweedbank via York, Wolverhampton has them "any permitted" and Crewe none at all.
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