Nice day in London 10/08!

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25 Jun 2005
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Great day today! First thing, I went out to Denmark Hill to see 47712 + 31128 on a railtour. Turning up the minute they were due, I realised they probably went already because the timings were for a steam run. So I headed for home. But I realised that I wouldn't make it back out on time for the GBRF tour from Victoria. So I cut my journey short at East Dulwich and headed for Victoria.

73208 + 73136 started up twice. Once it dropped its shoes, which caused a massive spark, then they put them on diesel. The tour departed on time, with 73204 and 73209 on the back.

After that I went home. I headed to Denmark Hill ten minutes later. Apon arrival, I saw that EPS 37603 had just passed through the station on 0G02 Dollands Moor - North Pole. Ten Minutes later, 37194 came the opposite way on 0Z37 Norwich - Ashford.

I took a ride to Lewisham, then London Bridge, arriving at 15:04. Remembering the EDs, I quickly made for the 15:08 London Bridge - Uckfield, which was formed of an eight coach Turbostar! I waited on platform 5 for the EDs, but they came sparking through on 2 :(.

I then took the 15:52 Electrostar to Kensington Olympia. I boarded a D-Stock refurb to Earls Court, then took a C - Stock to Paddington, where I boarded the 16:58 Turbo to Acton Mainline.

I saw 73204 + 73209 + the ECS on the Acton Bank, so I quickly switched platforms. They came through right time 17:16. 73209 + 73204 opened up with that mega bass engine of theirs midway through the platform. Just for show, as they then stopped, the driver switched ends, then he started up 73206 + 73136. They then left the same way they came, heading for Old Oak Common.

Forced to dismiss my plan of seeing the ECS at North Acton, I went to Euston Square Gardens to see the 2009ts mock up, only to find it had closed early :(. So I went to Euston Square, took a C-Stock to Edgware Road, then took the District Line to Earls Court. I then changed for a Olympia bound train.

As the train was stopping at Olympia, I saw 73208 + 73136 + 73204 + 73209 light engine storming through the station. Then I saw Julian G!

We waited a short while, then 37194 turned up with the stoneblower. It did not take the middle road, but came through the platform slowly. Then, the driver opened up 37194!!!! The amount of noise which came from it was amazing!

So we took the 19:47 Silverlink Southbound. I said bye to Julian at West Brompton. Whilst I was static at West Brompton, 92017 stormed through headed for Wembley. That was followed by an ECS Eurostar. A GBRF 66 was sitting at Latchmere Junction as the 313 I was on crossed over in front of it to reach platform 2 of Clapham Junction.

I took a Desiro to Waterloo, arriving at 20:09. I then had to show some pace, as the Hayes train left Waterloo East on time at 20:11. I just about made it, and then went home!
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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
It was great when the driver of 37194 thrashed the loco and that 92 driver sounding that amazing horn through the middle of the station ;)

joe, you could had taken the 15:52 to West Brompton and then take the first Distress(ed) line train to Earl's Court and change there
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