No letter regarding Thameslink fine?

Discussion in 'Disputes & Prosecutions' started by Traaaaaaynz, 16 Jul 2017.

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    16 Jul 2017
    Ok, this might take a while to explain, but any advice is appreciated.

    So, on Monday 3rd I was fined for not having a train ticket. The conductor said he would send a letter in the post as I did not have the money there and I have to pay within 14 days. Last Monday I sent Thameslink an email as I had not revived a letter. Now today, the last day post comes before I have to pay, still no letter.

    I called Thameslink customer service, who told me they could not help, and gave me the number for penalty fares (an independent company). They said they were just a payment line and told me to call Themeslink, so I call up Thameslink again and explain the situation. After being put on hold the lady said her manager said to call penalty fares again, so I do and am told they can't help. So I call up Thameslink and explain this (again), they say they can't help but would make a note.

    The woman from penalty fares said that the reference number from this slip of paper the conductor gave me wasn't on there system. But the conductor did leave a small note(?) she then hung up before I got a chance to ask further (she seemed quite moody in all our calls).

    What do I do? I'd quite like to pay this fine and not get prosecuted.
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    You haven't been fined, it sounds more like they will be writing for your version of events with a view to prosecution. Were you given anything on the day?
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    First things first:

    Thameslink do not operate with conductors (unless you were travelling on a Southern main-line service); you were probably approached by a revenue inspector

    You were not given a fine but it sounds like you were given a penalty fare (which sounds like a fine)

    As you were unable to pay there and then, the matter has been passed on for investigation with a possible view to prosecution.

    A letter can take up to several weeks, if not around 5 - 6 months.

    You may be asked for an explanation. It may be wise for you to keep a record of the journey made and other details as your reply can be used as evidence in court.

    You may also want to save up some money and make an offer to the TOC when the letter comes - to keep the case out of court

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