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Not quite back yet

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29 Sep 2005
With a spanner in hand in D212's engine room
Hi all,
I know that a lot of you have been missing me quite a lot over the past couple of weeks ;) , and I'll not be back properly for another 2 or 3 weeks, as my dad's started being fairly selfish with the computer, not letting me or my mum on it. Infact, I'm writing this post from school!:mad:
When I have internet on my computer in a couple of weeks time I'll be back in buisness and I've just updated my site with a note of apology to all of my regulars who have been disappointed recently by the lack of updates.

So, I wish you all well in my absence and see you in a couple of weeks.

:offtheai: :offtheai: :offtheai: :offtheai: :offtheai: :offtheai:
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