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Odd Northern Empty Coaching Stock Moves 22/2

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20 Sep 2011
Whilst doing my daily check for interesting freight workings around New Mills, I noticed a number of VSTPs in for today under a Northern train service code. Starting at Newton Heath, 5Z05-5Z07 spend their time shuttling back and forth between Chinley and Hazel Grove, before a brief extension of one leg to Stockport, then back to Piccadilly via Chinley and Marple:

5Z04 1203 Newton Heath T.M.D. to Chinley:

5Z05 1326 Chinley to Chinley:

5Z06 1404 Chinley to Chinley:

5Z07 1451 Chinley to Chinley:

5Z08 1539 Chinley to Stockport:

5Z09 1721 Stockport to Manchester Piccadilly:

5Z01 1845 Manchester Piccadilly to Newton Heath T.M.D:

If they do run, I assume these are refreshers for the quirky bits of route knowledge that are currently suspended in the COVID timetable, such as the early morning Piccadilly to Sheffield via Hazel Grove, and the ECS move from Chinley to Stockport CMD in the evening? Or is it something more than that?
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