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Discussion in 'Modelling, Simulations & Games' started by Buffer68, 7 Nov 2019 at 08:08.

  1. Buffer68

    Buffer68 Member

    3 Jun 2009
    Bovey Tracey, Devon
    Hi all,

    After some help please. I am planning a new OO scale model layout and one of the key elements includes a red brick two track skew bridge with a road across the top. I have searched through a number of websites for companies that produce or supply bridges and other accessories and so far drawn a blank. I would rather it was a card kit to keep cost down. Many thanks.
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  3. John Webb

    John Webb Established Member

    5 Jun 2010
    St Albans
    All the card kits of bridges I've seen have been at right-angles to the track, not skew. If you had only been using one track, a two-track right-angle bridge might have given you sufficient room through the centre of the arches to allow you to skew it. But I've not seen a single arch right-angle bridge spanning 4 tracks which might have done for your two lines.

    You might try www.freestonemodel.co.uk who I've seen at a number of exhibitions; they carry a wide range of card kits from a number of manufacturers and seem a helpful bunch - they may be able to help you.

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