ORR's response to Alliance regarding revised WCML application

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23 Jan 2009
The other threads I can find on this are now closed.

This was the revised WCML Alliance application including Macclesfield and Milton Keynes as calling points on some services after the original application was rejected.

The ORR response is as expected:

"Having considered your amended application, we have concluded that we are unable, at this time, to reach a decision whether or not to approve the rights you have applied for. This is because we do not have the information necessary to give proper consideration to your application in line with our statutory duties and published criteria and procedures. Consequently, we have decided to suspend consideration of your application until we are in a position to make a proper assessment, which will be when Network Rail and the West Coast Event Steering Group (“WCESG”) has produced its analysis on the possible future uses of capacity. This letter sets out the reasons for our decision."

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25 Feb 2010
Sometimes you just have to facepalm Alliance, that or feel like your banging your head against a brick wall. They were already told twice before that they wouldnt decide new paths until after the 2013 recast and so wouldnt consider new applications until then, but they keep applying.
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