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Pangbourne to Inverness and return

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24 Sep 2017
My mother and her partner will be travelling from Pangbourne to Inverness on Saturday 17th July, and returning a week later on the 24th. They have a two together railcard, and one of them has a senior railcard, and the other a network railcard. They want to reach Inverness not much later than about 8 in the evening, and will be able to leave there no earlier than the 10:46 a week later on the return. They don’t mind splitting tickets, and don’t have too much preference over the route, although would rather not travel on an IET all the way from London to Inverness unless it is much cheaper. Travelling from Theale is also an option.

What is the cheapest way to do this journey? For some reason, I can’t seem to find any tickets via the West Coast for these dates. Why is this?
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30 Sep 2012
The Avanti site shows that tickets for weekends have not been released for many dates in June/July, no doubt because of engineering work changes which are not finalised.
You could look on a split ticketing site for dates that have been released (July 10 is one), or you could opt to travel on Offpeak tickets throughout.

They could consider First Class on the Highland Chieftain outward - at £74 each for the through journey it's good value
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