Passenger Class 56

Discussion in 'Traction & Rolling Stock' started by snakeeyes, 11 Sep 2019.

  1. snakeeyes

    snakeeyes Member

    7 Jun 2011
    What were the planned modifications to the 56's for conversion to passenger locomotives, were any modified or how far did the project proceed?
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  3. delt1c

    delt1c Established Member

    4 Apr 2008
    In the 80’s there was a proposal to convert some 56’s for passenger use on what is now across Country services. The plan was to redamp the suspension to allow an increase max speed and to fit ETH ( as it was then known). Nothing came of it as HST were constructed instead.
  4. dubscottie

    dubscottie Member

    4 Apr 2010
    I believe the late 80's/early 90's plans would have involved removal of ballast to reduce weight, modifying the bogies to compensate for the lighter weight (they would out of gauge otherwise), regearing the motors/wheelsets for a higher top speed and ETH.

    I think in the end the cost of doing it was going to be prohibitive so it was abandoned and they started looking at the class 48 which never got past the idea stage due to lack of demand.
  5. Photohunter71

    Photohunter71 Member

    17 Jan 2012
    In a flat beside Niddrie West junction
    Such a shame! That would have been interesting to find out what the performance would have been as opposed to the freight version. I had hoped the 38 and 48 were to be built, but sprinterisation put paid to that!

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