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Discussion in 'Disputes & Prosecutions' started by Hbanton, 14 Apr 2015.

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  1. Hbanton

    Hbanton New Member

    14 Apr 2015
    I'm 16 and traveled on a child ticket (don't judge me, so embarrassed I'll never do it again) but now I have lost my penalty fare notice with the notice number on that it asks for whenever I go to pay, by phone or by internet. My girlfriend got the same and got a penalty at the same time, can I use her code or will they all be different. I was travelling on South West trains from Salisbury to Southampton.
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  3. SaveECRewards

    SaveECRewards Member

    22 Jan 2015
    I'm not going to judge you on that but I remember when I was 16 (born in September so older than most in my year) we went on a school trip to London in October (so most people were still 15). I was handed a child ticket by the teacher and told to say I was 15 if asked!

    Talk about setting a bad example! I wasn't questioned at all but it was part of a large group booking and the guard probably didn't think the school would do anything as dishonest.

    I'd not assume the numbers on the penalty fares notice will be the same and indeed you don't want to get into any more trouble. Is there a number you can get through to speak to a real person? You want to make sure that it gets paid and dealt with.
  4. cool110

    cool110 Member

    12 Dec 2014
    Actually, that should have been covered by a fairly obscure rule that allows 16 and 17 year olds to use child tickets bought as part of a group booking for more than 10 passengers.
  5. talltim

    talltim Established Member

    17 Jan 2010
    I would imagine that if you ring up, and explain, they should be able to sort you out. Does your GFs form have a phone number to ring on it?
  6. First class

    First class Established Member

    9 Aug 2008
    If the same inspector gave you the Penalty Fares, it will be consecutively numbered.

    If your girlfriends Penalty Fare is (example) SW12345, then if yours was issued before hers, yours would be SW12344, and if yours was after hers, SW12346.

    If the Inspector was different for each Penalty Fare ignore that.
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