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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by rd749249, 17 May 2019.

  1. rd749249

    rd749249 Member

    15 Sep 2015
    When I buy a return ticket using my PRIV, the difference between a single & return can be as little as 10p.

    How does it work when using the PRIV NR Only Oyster? Would any return leg that day charge only 10p more?

    For instance, Greenwich > Dartford return is £1.55 single, £1.65 return.

    Don’t see the point of PRIV NR Only oyster if it can’t match those fares.
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  3. ForTheLoveOf

    ForTheLoveOf Established Member

    7 Oct 2017
    Oyster has capping, but it only has single fares in its PAYG database. There are no such things as a return on Oyster, and, with a few exceptions, you wouldn't meet a daily cap through making return journeys on Oyster.

    Assuming you pay the normal quarter rate (can someone confirm this?) you'd pay 70p Off-Peak or £1.20 Peak for a single journey from Greenwich to Dartford, so if you're making two Off-Peak journeys then Oyster is better; for anything else paper tickets are better.

    The interplay of paper and Oyster fares is still a very mixed bag for journey across London, especially so when Railcards, Priv discounts, peak, off-peak, day or period return journeys are added into the equation, not to mention stations that are within the PAYG area but outside Zones 1-6 (or 1-9).
  4. RJ

    RJ Established Member

    25 Jun 2005
    Rail replacement bus cab
    Oyster fares are charged as singles only.

    To work out the Priv fare, use the Oyster Single Fare Finder to find the adult fare. Divide it by 4 and round up to the nearest 5p.

    For Greenwich to Dartford, a peak single is £1.20 and an off peak single is 70p.

    Sometimes it does cost more for a return on Oyster. Personally I don't really mind as it'll be pence and shillings within London and it saves me having to queue at a ticket office. My journeys are also often of a one way nature and it gives flexibility if the destination changes en route.
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  5. Surreytraveller

    Surreytraveller Established Member

    21 Oct 2009
    And note that there is no Priv cap on Oyster - the cap is the normal public one, unlike the old days when you could get a Priv rate Travelcard (although that was only valid on Underground/DLR)

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