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Proposed Postal Class 300 EMUs

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10 Jan 2018
In 1990, there was an artist's impression of the proposed dual-voltage parcel electric unit, as shown on page 16 of the "Future Rail - The Next Decade" brochure:
It is described as a 'new' unit, but it was strictly based on the Class 304, 305 and 308 heritage EMUs, but it does have the modern looking front ends, which included the lower skirt fairings around the buffers. It does not include have a jumper cables for multiple working nor a former headcode panel on the roof. It is suggested that this proposal would consist of an extensive rebuild and possibly new traction equipment. Classification is the proposed unit is unknown, possibly an early Class 300 proposal.

However in 1991, there is another artist's impression of the proposed parcel electric unit, when there was a plan to rebuild the Class 307 units, which were in the process of being withdrawn from passenger traffic during this time. The units would be become the Class 300 parcel units, with the redesigned, but modern looking front ends. The front end would have three windows and lower skirt fairings, and, unlike the early proposal, jumper cables would be included. Image here:
In the end, the BRB and Royal Mail instead ordered brand new Class 325 EMUs as we know today, based on the Class 319 design with Networker Cab, and redundant Class 307 driving vehicles ended up becoming Propelling Control Vehicles (PCVs).
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