RAF Broadheath.


23 Feb 2017
From 1924 to March 1957 there was a large ammunition storage facility just off Sinderland Road, known as RAF Broadheath. During WW2 this made Altrincham and Sale a prime target - notwithstanding the industrial complexes locally.

Today there is very little left, a few concrete foundations and a bump in the road.

Many will remember the railway line which linked Timperley to Warrington which closed in the early 1980's - its main purpose was to carry coal from the South Yorkshire coalfields to Fiddler's Ferry Power Station via the old Woodhead Line. It's now a well used cycle path, part of the Trans Pennine Trail.

Just before Blackmoss Lane though, there used to be a small spur leading to RAF Broadheath which brought ammunition trains in and a series of sidings with underground bunkers. I have referenced the old 1955 OS map with the current maps and the sidings and buildings are clearly marked on the left hand map. The right hand satellite view shows a possible trace of the track in the yellow field.

Does anyone remember RAF Broadheath? What kind of wagons would have been used, with prototypical train lengths? Just for a fantasy model railway that probably won't get built!

broadheath compare 2.jpg broadheath compare 3.jpg Broadheath compare.jpg