RailEurope (was Loco2) not showing fastest journey

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by fishquinn, 10 Nov 2019 at 21:40.

  1. fishquinn

    fishquinn Established Member Quizmaster

    4 Oct 2013
    It appears that Loco2 isn't showing the fastest journey for all search queries.

    Looking at Anniesland to Taunton departing after 14:30, Loco2 is only showing one available itinerary that departs Anniesland at 14:32 and doesn't get to Taunton until 00:14. Comparing this with Trainsplit and other sites, later journey times are given such as leaving an hour later at 15:32 and getting to Taunton two hours earlier at 22:14 (with only one extra change). The attached photo shows a comparison between Trainsplit and loco2 for the same journey.

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  3. kieron

    kieron Established Member

    22 Mar 2012
    Connah's Quay
    Does trainsplit think its route is valid with a single ticket? And can you reproduce its route on loco2 by setting suitable via/avoid points?

    If you could confirm which trains each site showed you, we may be able to work out if either site is right or wrong.

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