Reading outing today (plus a reboot of a GWR Class 387)

Discussion in 'Trip Planning & Reports' started by Mitchell Hurd, 2 Dec 2019.

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    28 Oct 2017
    Hello everyone. I'm not sure if this is entirely the right thread but the second paragraph below might be of interest...

    I caught the 15:32 from Didcot Parkway to Reading and the 17:56 stopping train back (8-coach Class 387 on the 15:32 and a 9-car IET on the 17:56).

    15:32 service...

    I was sat in the window table seat where the 2 forward facing seats were - located behind the disabled toilet (diagonally across the wheelchair space). I was a little curious as to why the lights were a little dim, some were on, couldn't feel the heat where the holes are under the windows even though the train itself was warm and the charger wasn't working. About 10 minutes before departure, the driver made an announcement that he was going to reboot the train.

    I don't know what he did but the lights were on and everything was working and we set off at 15:33 - by Cholsey, the heating started coming through from the holes under the windows (bronze bit if this helps).

    I have to say for a modern electric train (and of nearly 2 years old), I'm surprised it took just under 10 minutes for everything to work again.

    17:56 (17:18 from Paddington)...

    As expected (and told on Twitter by GWR), it was a 9-car IET. Between Pangbourne and Goring & Streatley there was a trolley service - something that happened once when I caught a 180 on this service from London to Didcot or Radley (2016 or 2017) but never with a Turbo.

    No matter what people say about the IET's, a 9-car set is the best capacity provision (and train) since it was a 180 then Turbo - even GWR agreed with me on Twitter!

    The trolley person said to make the most of it. This goes over to a 387 from the December 2019 timetable, hopefully 12 coaches! 8 should be ok though.
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  3. cactustwirly

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    10 Apr 2013
    I disagree, the turbo is a lot more suitable for this service than a 800!
    GWR are having issues with a morning peak service that switched over from a Turbo to an 800, with the 800 not having enough seats.

    But the 387 is definitely the most suitable train for the 1718 from Paddington

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